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What’s On… On The Plateau!

We have created a new community events site for the Dorrigo Plateau called ‘On The Plateau’, The idea came about because we were frequently asked what’s happening in Dorrigo. After going through many of the events, it became evident that there’s quite a list of events, classes and groups. Another regular comment we hear is “I didn’t even know it was on”.

And so, was born. This is not just for Dorrigo, but for events across the whole Plateau. This is not for Chamber Members, or Council Events.. this is for any class, group or event across the whole Plateau.

You can use specific categories to narrow down your target, for example, if you’re only interested in Music events, then go to, or if you are only interested in Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi, go to

We also plan to list all the available venues in the area, with contact details and information on how to book them,

Local traffic/road information (read: Dorrigo Mountain road!) and other news will also be available at

Hopefully we can grow this into a useful compendium of events and related information.

If you know of any events that aren’t yet listed, or can help with suggestions for other information that would be useful, please contact us via the contact page: